Meaning of Signs on Smartphone Charger ? | जानें कि सभी मोबाइल चार्जर प्रतीकों का क्या मतलब है।

Meaning of Signs on Smartphone Charger ? | जानें कि सभी मोबाइल चार्जर प्रतीकों का क्या मतलब है।

Meaning of Signs on Smartphone Charger

Mobiles we all use, but what do we know about the cellular charger of mobiles, what we know about it ... Well, knowing what will happen to us, our mobile is not talking about charging.

Meaning of Signs on Smartphone Charger

Wet weight cone Some product has a any symbol or a any  written in it, it does matter. In this way, the symbol of the mobile charger, which is shot, does not matter. You may need to wear a heavy loss if you don't know the symbols. So find out what these symbols mean.

Number 1 ... Square Symbol - If you look at your mobile's Original Charger, you may see this sample. This means double-insulated, which means that any charger that comes inside your charger will not be charged to the charger or you can say that your charger will not be sorted. But if you use a local charger, it does not have any logos or symbols, is not double-insulated, then it is intimidating for short food.
If you go to buy a charger from a any market, be sure to check whether the sample is there, so your safety goes out.

Square Symbol

Number 2 ... (V) Symbol - This sample can be seen on most original mobile chargers. We commonly call it the (V) symbol. Actually it's not (V), it's written in Roman harp, which means your charger's power density is 5. This is the label of a stand. Most mobile chargers, if you can see this label. This is why not all local chargers are considered safe.

(V) Symbol

Number 3 ... Home Symbol - This means that you can use your mobile charger in the house just in case. The charger or product that contains the symbol in the home should only be used for the house. If you use a cone charger or product connected to this symbol, or you use a high voltage charge, your charger may be burnt. It is not advisable to charge a mobile over voltage above 225 volts. Otherwise the charger can be blasted. For this reason, this symbol is provided on the mobile charger.

Home Symbol

Number 4 ... Recycle Symbol - This sample is commonly seen in all electric products. This means that if your product gets worse, you should not put it into a recycle bin, sending it back to the product company. So that the company can recycle it.

Recycle Symbol

Number 5 ... I.S.I.A.C Symbol - This sample is usually seen on an original charger, which means that your mobile charger is a standard quality charger. You can use this charger without fear, the charger is built in safety.

I.S.I.A.C Symbol 

These are some of the important  symbols that can be seen on the original charger. With this, its use became known. So if you buy a charger then you can buy this sample by looking at it, so that you can understand whether the charger is genuine or not.

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